Onboarding FAQ

FAQ and help on getting into the new portal


Why can’t I access the portal?

The launch of the ICON EV Dealer Portal 2.0 requires users to re-register for security purposes. Check
your main email inbox, your spam inbox, and/or your social email inbox for a communication from ICON
EV inviting you to register. If you cannot find the communication, then reach out to ICON EV directly
about the issue using the contact form on the ICON EV Dealer Portal.

Why can’t I use my usual username and password?

For security reasons as a part of the launch of the ICON EV Dealer Portal 2.0, ICON EV is requiring all
existing users to reset their password. You can use the same email address, but your password will

How do I sign up for the new portal?

All existing users should have received an email informing them that they need to register for the new
portal. Click the link in the email you received and follow the instructions to complete the signup process
and continue using the ICON EV Dealer Portal.

I didn’t recieve an email.

If you were previously registered for the ICON EV Dealer Portal, then you should have received an email.
Check your spam folder, social folder, etc. for an email with the subject line “ICON Dealer Alert: Action
Needed on New Portal”.
If you still cannot find the email, then fill out a contact form and indicate in the message that you have not received your registration email. Please allow up to 24 hours before expecting a response to all contact form submissions.

Still Have Questions?

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